Sparrow Sinclair

Rockin’ those vintage glasses like, What?

Sparrow Sinclair is a conscious writer and motivational speaker who homesteads, homeschools, and makes way too much soap and paper. She lives deep in the woods with her fabulously feral family on a ‘little’ piece of land they call Serenity.

A believer in deliberate manifestation and creating your own reality, Sparrow has not always been so hip to the magic of the universe. A bit flighty in the past (she blames it in on her namesake and a world she didn’t understand), she spent many years moving around from job to job, house to house and man to man (usually), always dreaming of a better way, but never knowing how to get there.

In her mid-30’s she had what is cliche-ingly known as a Great Awakening and realized that everything she had previously thought was a bunch of crap. Filled with newfound confidence and a growing ability to see through everyone’s (including her own) bull shit, Sparrow took two of her nestlings (the third was beginning to fly and stayed behind to start her own journey) and migrated north to learn how to live life on her own terms.

They moved into a primitive cabin on a farm where Sparrow received her first lessons in heating with fire, washing dishes creatively and getting really real. The farm proved to be exactly what they needed, when they needed it (imagine that?), and she let the healing begin. They immersed themselves in all things homeschooling, organic gardening, food preservation, cooking from scratch, herbal medicine, wild foraging, heritage crafts and community living.

After awhile, along came Maverick, and it was soon apparent the two were a match made in off-grid heaven. As a domestic-abuse survivor, Sparrow appreciated Maverick’s gentle heart and aversion to violent communication. The little birdies immediately took to him despite the large knife dangling from his hip (the better to protect you with, my dear) and soon a family had been made.

Sometime after all this (full details can be found on our What In The Hell Were We Thinking Page) Sparrow and the fam made the leap to off-grid living*, originally thinking (hoping, dreaming, hallucinating?) they would have their dream house built within the year. Three years (and a few false starts) later and they are getting damn close.

Sparrow admits the off-grid/tiny house scene can be pretty tough and sometimes the mud just gets too deep.

When I start to see the cup as half empty, I’ll focus on every little perceived problem and see nothing as it is. Before I know it, I can’t even remember why I chose this life in the first place. However, when I choose not to give my peace away [a phenomena she says is happening more and more lately, crediting her increased bliss to finally releasing sugar’s emotional hold on her], I am overwhelmed by my blessings. The trees speak to me, the birds sing to me and all the possibilities in the world are at my fingertips”

She says she has adopted a motto (short enough to actually remember) to get her though the rainy seasons:

“No mud, no lotus”

-Thich Nhat Hanh

Sparrow started Chaos On Serenity to document her family’s extreme homesteading journey and to share practical (sometimes ridiculous) homesteading tips and tricks. Since she is prone to musing over matters of the heart and mind (and not so great at social cues), she also writes plenty of overly personal stories on spirituality, parenting, relationships, and her newest favorite, flat earth conspiracies. As exciting as all that sounds, however, Sparrow says the real reason she blogs is because it serves as a free form of therapy to process all of her mud trauma. For that, she thanks you, dear reader.

Maverick Sinclair

Maverick with our angel-face niece, Emmy Blue and his handy dandy knife.

Tall, dark and mysterious, Maverick would tell you about his past, but then he’d have to kill you. Suffice it to say he is fully trained and capable of leading the rebellion attack in case of a zombie apocalypse (or really any other apocalypse). His wealth of knowledge and boy-scout-on-crack preparedness astounds all those who know him. His very practical and sturdy flip phone never stops ringing from advice-seekers who have broken their shit. This is fortunate for Sparrow, who has a tendency to break things.

As an Aries man, Maverick is loyal, big-hearted, and surprisingly open-minded (he is with Sparrow after all). He also doesn’t give a damn what other people think (to the occasional exasperation of his beloveds) – schlepping mud and hardwork all around town without a shred of shame. His enormous confidence is supported by his expertise in, well, basically everything, and his rugged sweetness endears him to all (especially the ladies).

As a young boy, Maverick had a difficult time learning within the standard (stifling) public school structure. Lacking the support and wisdom of adults who recognized and encouraged his uniqueness, he was slapped with a learning disability label and treated like an idiot. Despite (or because of?) such discouragement, Maverick vowed at ten years old to become a “modern day renesciance man”, acquiring many skills and much knowledge in order to be useful in any situation and because he loved the idea of not having to depend on other people to do something he was capable of doing himself.

Maverick kept his vow (like he always does) and become a jack of all trades who could give MacGyver a run for his money. His skills include welding, engineering, woodworking and mechanics, with a minor in plumbing and electric. He also has the uncanny ability to operate machinery large and small as easily as most people tie their shoes. He says he is happy to share said skills on Sparrow’s diary and to help others become more independent, sovereign and just plain bad ass.

Magdalena Sinclair

Born to a teenage Sparrow, Magdalena’s emotional entrance into this world came with a love so grand and unexpected it brought her young mother to racking sobs. A child of immense grace, Magdalena has always been a pillar of unwavering support and charity, especially towards her mother Sparrow (who may have had a few glaring faults back in the day). Luckily (not that Sparrow believes in luck) Magdalena was, and still is, a responsible sort of girl (guess who she didn’t get that from?) and was able to stay mostly out of trouble during the years her mother was a bit distracted with her own growing up.

As the other Aries of the family, Magdalena follows her heart completely, does not give in to peer pressure, and chucks tradition when necessary. She is incredibly family-oriented and has even created her own little family right after high school, marrying her high school sweetheart and co-creating the world’s most angelic baby, Evelyn June.

A remarkably gentle, attentive, and well-researched mother, Magdalena parents with the confidence, patience and grace that are her innate traits. Having realized she has a passion to help mothers and babies have beautiful births and bonding experiences, she has recently begun to pursue a career as a Lactation Consultant and Birth Doula

Currently, Magdalena and her family live quite a few hours away from Sparrow et al. However, Sparrow drops plenty of not-so-subtle hints that Magdalena and crew should settle on Serenity (once the house is built and all). Magdalena has not ruled out the possibility and, in the mean time, enjoys visiting everyone in the woods when she can, always an excellent sport when joining in on their off-grid adventures (such as sleeping in a 1981 full size Chevy van named Tinkerbell or scrubbing up in the swimming hole.) She admits Serenity has pulled at her heart strings and she totally ‘gets’ what the family is doing, saying, “It’s amazing how clean you can get from just a bucket of warm water, soap and a rag”.

Phoenix Sinclair

Weighing in at exactly six pounds, sixty-six ounces, (6.66) Phoenix Sinclair’s auspicious birth weight seems not to have affected her bright and happy energy. Known for her infectious smile and enormous mop of hair, Phoenix just can’t help but be adorable and charming.

A self-imposed vegetarian since the age of seven, Phoenix loves animals, books, writing, and creating music. She also loves her privacy, so when you come across a picture of her, know that it was likely the result of a bribe (did I mention she is clever as well?)

Adventurous, bright, and deep-thinking, there came a point a year ago when Phoenix began to get restless as a pre-highschool homeschooler living in the woods with her hippy mama. After some dramatic stand-offs (drama being another one of her talents), her family agreed to let her give public high school a try, albeit under carefully controlled conditions (see why she wanted to get away?)

With her first year of high school nearly under her belt, Phoenix has proven to be bright as ever. Much to her mother’s relief, it appears the Do-I-Really-Even-Homeschool-My-Children experiment actually works, as Phoenix is unfolding into an impressive literary prodigy, compassionate leader, and inquisitive human being.

Once Serenity’s biggest enthusiast, Phoenix is currently a little over it all. At 14, she doesn’t necessarily see the value in her family’s off-grid homesteading philosophies of hard work, frugality, resourcefulness and disinclination to instant gratification. Phoenix dreams of becoming an English teacher or investigative journalist and says she is definitely moving to the city when she grows up.

Leyla Sinclair

Captivating and fierce as her lioness birth sign, Leyla Sinclair is a force to be reckoned with. Born close to the Cancer cusp, she is an uncommonly sensitive, doe-eyed, spiral-haired, heart-meltingly sweet child with a temper that could make Buddah tremble.

A moving ball of fire, Leyla loves anything to do with jumping, climbing, swimming, and flipping. As an aerlist, cheerleader and natural wheel girl, she is equal parts princess and tomboy, riding her dirt bike through the woods in lipstick and stilettos (if only her mother would let her).

A true empath, Leyla can detect a downshift in a family member’s mood with the precision of a NASA radar. In such cases, she will pull out all measures to lift it back up. Equally sensitive to her own emotions, Leyla Sinclair (hear me roar) does not appreciate mistreatment or teasing of any kind (a quality her sister Phoenix is good at exacerbating).

Baby of the family and Sparrow’s little mini-me, Leyla is quickly growing into a young lady with the cojonas and sensitivity necessary to change the world. Her favorite word is Love and Love is what she is. A burning ball of furious love.

Leyla dreams of having lots of babies and becoming a home birth midwife. She says she wants to live in a big fancy house on a cul-de-sac when she grows up and hopes it doesn’t hurt her mother’s feelings.