Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less graveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

Inspired By Robert Frost

Okay friends, here it is- the real reason I spend hours and hours stringing words together while baring my blessed soul, the real reason I put it all out on the line just to get a few laughs or headshakes or tsk tsk’s (really, any reaction is a good reaction in my book, as it’s proof I haven’t put you to sleep at least). So what exactly is the real reason I am doing all this blogging stuff?? To get you to give me your hard-earned dollars, of course.

And so with even more grace and finesse than the previous paragraph, I heartily welcome you to our donation page AKA Groveling For Gravel. If you haven’t already clicked away swearing to never return, then keep on reading to find out why we need your money and why you should give it to us.

In all seriousness (we are talking about money after all) the reason why we need your donation is because we have a mile long drive that is desperate for gravel. Currently it is a terrifying, muddy, mucky mess (please see exhibit A) and even though I appreciate the opportunity for a serious glutes work out as much as the next person, walking up and down our steep hill several times a day to run my errands is becoming bit inconvenient to say the least.

Exhibit A

So why is this your problem? It’s not of course. Unless you are coming to visit (in which case bring your hiking boots). However, I could be working at McDonalds right now instead of writing all this amazing epic prose, but instead I choose to be here with you… and my cup of coffee… in my robe and slippers… surrounded by trees and chickens… I’m just saying, I make sacrifices too ya’ know.

In actual true true seriousness, we have really amazing plans for Serenity and can’t wait until we can open her up to the community and world at large. Through your help, this could happen sooner than later! Also, did I mention we want to save chickens?

If that’s not convincing enough, I have just a little more grovel left in me. I promise to send you a handmade, plantable, seed-paper thank you card signed by yours truly just for making a donation of $5.00 or more. Can we say, totally worth it?? Just be sure to include your mailing address with your donation! ((Hugs))

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