Just poppin’ out to say heyyy

Hello there! I’m Sparrow Sinclair and I would like to personally welcome you to my diary.

Like any good diary, you will find plenty of hilarious and unfiltered stories on my life as an off-grid extreme homesteader. You will also find valuable information about how to live a more sustainable life, from gardening, composting, and foraging for herbs and mushrooms in the wild to making your own healing soaps and salves.

Mav heading down to pan for gold in the creek with his homemade gold panner. Hey Mav, don’t you know you have a house to build??

My better half, Maverick, an ‘old-school’ mechanical genius (he sticks to the classics-computerized cars are sketch, he says) chimes in now and then to share his expertise in DIY construction, mechanics, and creative solutions to common off-grid homesteading conundrums.

Perhaps, like us, you feel our lives are becoming over-regulated, controlled excessively by government forces which should be serving us, not lording over us. If that’s the case, stick around as we investigate ways in which we can break free from the clutches of The Man (and no, you don’t have to go all renegade and move off-the-grid, though I like to keep my options open, don’t you?) 🙂

Whatever brings you here, it is our hope you discover something of value within our words, even if it’s just a quick giggle (hey, laughter really is the best medicine, my friends) or a quiet comfort from comparing your life to ours.

For more information on exactly how we ended up in a couple of campers in the middle of the woods completely off-grid on a mile long dirt (read: mud) road, with only two sticks to rub together and a bucket to poop in (okay, I am exaggerating about the sticks), please read our What In The Hell Were We Thinking page.

The driveway looks innocent enough right now, but come a little rain and it’s quite terrifying.

But before we dive in to all the juicy details, I have a quick question for you:

Have you ever wanted to just chuck it all out the window and take matters into your own hands? Follow your heart, not other people’s expectations? Maybe give up that soul-sucking job, relationship, or addiction and find freedom on your own terms?

Well, we are here to say, hell yeah homie! It is absolutely possible to manifest your dreams and find your sovereignty. Peace is yours for the taking.

It’s a damn hard journey but worth every muddy, sloppy step.

Trudgin’ through the mud, following my dreams 🙂

The key is to not get so caught up in what you want that you forget to enjoy the journey. The truth is, if we can’t find peace in the present moment, it won’t be waiting for us on the other side.

So grab a shovel and pull on your muck boots (don’t have any? Go get some, you’ll need them) and lets dig in deep, pull up roots that no longer serve us and plant some seeds that will bare beautiful, happy, sovereign fruit.

Just remember, when you go looking for Serenity, chaos has a way of finding you.

Now let’s go make some soap! 🙂